We All Have Delusions Of Grandeur…Don’t Be Afraid To Indulge

Sometimes I wish I was more like Lulu.

Yes, I admit I’m a little envious of her height, gorgeous thick hair and huge green eyes (sadly, none of which I can be held accountable for).  But it goes way beyond that.  She’s got such amazing self-confidence.  I’ve never met someone who was so comfortable in her own skin.  Self-esteem practically oozes from her tiny pores. 

When Lulu decides to do something, it’s as good as done.  Noting stands in her way.   She faces situations head-on and accomplishes everything she sets her mind to.  That bit comes from me.  =)

But here’s the key differentiator.  Everything Lulu does is tinged with positivity and tenacity.  She’s never afraid to fail.  It’s never even a consideration.  SO unlike me.  I question everything and second-guess myself constantly. 

Do you know what happens when you get consumed with self-doubt?  You miss out on opportunities.  Unless you have a few vodka sodas to loosen you up.  Then it’s not so terrifying to get up on a stage in five-inch stilettos and belt out a few verses of “Pour Some Sugar On Me” at live band karaoke.  I always dreamed of becoming a pop star and that night, for five minutes, my delusion became a reality.  Kind of.  Well, at least I didn’t tumble off the stage or crash into a speaker.  Definitely a success in my book.  I drowned my insecurities with some yummy cocktails and ta-da!   My dream became a reality.


So, what’s the moral of this whole story?  Liquor up to face a challenge? 

Would it be horrible if I said yes?

Haha!  Just kidding.  No, I’ve got something a little better than that.  Consider the alternatives when facing a daunting situation.  Is sitting on the sidelines worth the risk of letting opportunities pass you by, simply because you were too afraid to fail?  I’m hoping your answer is HELL NO!  

Take the bull by the horns and get it done.  Life is richer when you have lots of failures to draw upon.  They’ll make you better equipped to achieve the successes.




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