Would You Please Sign My Kindle??

Okay, I spend a lot of time covering ideas that others have but here’s one I’ve mulled over…

People love autographed copies of books, especially books they actually enjoyed reading.  But how does that work if your library is in electronic form and all of your books are downloaded to a Kindle or Nook?

No hard copy to treasure and pass on to your kids?  Or to eBay if the author is(gets) really famous?? =)

Courtesy of www.villagebooks.com
Courtesy of http://www.villagebooks.com

There are many varieties of autograph apps out there but I haven’t seen something specifically compatible for the e-readers. Wouldn’t it be great to bring your device to a book signing? Or have an author gift you an electronically signed copy of their bestselling book, Unlikely Venture? (Wink, wink).

Sign with your finger and BAM! You’ve got digital swag!!!

Courtesy of www.starmarks.net
Courtesy of http://www.starmarks.net

2 thoughts on “Would You Please Sign My Kindle??

  1. This is actually something I have thought about many many times. Not sure if Amazon and/or Nook already have someone already trying to master this but it wouldn’t hurt if people contacted their corporate offices and suggested it over and over until they get tired and just do it to shut us up LOL. Seriously, it would be awesome to take my e-reader to a signing and have them sign with a stylus or even their finger as you stated.

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