Think I Found My Solemate

I love wearing ridiculously high heels.  You know, the kind that make you cringe in anguish with each step taken after a short while of wear.  Regrettably, as I age, my threshold because shorter and shorter.

The pain is never a deterrent for me.  Nope, I suffer willingly. I ignore the toe-crushing sensations and the scorching agony that begins in the balls of my feet and shoots up my calves. I suck it up. At barely 5’3, I NEED the shoes. They give me a commanding presence.  LOL.

They’re also super sexy.  =)


Mmm…so delish, right???

Anyway, the holiday season inspired this brilliant idea. There are a lot of OCD homeowners out there (like yours truly) who don’t let shoes touch their carpets. So I get all dressed up for a holiday party, killer outfit complimented by equally outrageous stems, only to find a foyer full of discarded shoes…none as fabulous as my own.

Are you thinking of that episode of Sex and the City? Where someone walks off with Carrie’s treasured Louboutins???

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

Well, worry not!

My product is called Solemate, a thin textured plastic film that adheres to the bottom of your shoe. The texture makes it non-slip and the carpets in your host’s home are protected from the elements that grace the sole of your shoes.  You can be large and in charge throughout the party and when you’re ready to leave, simply peel off your Solemates.

Oh, and they will come in packs of three so you have plenty of backups to fill your busy holiday schedule. =)


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