Fear Makes You Weak. Weakness Gets You Killed.


Ruling the Mob, Book Two of The Mob Lust Series – COMING SEPTEMBER 6!!!


This life. It becomes more toxic every day. There is no escape for me or the ones I love.

I’ve done things to claim my rightful place. I’ve taken care of those who challenged that place, and I’ve made a mortal enemy in the process.

Now he’s back, just like I always knew he would be. He’s angry, tortured, and out for blood.

Perfect. That’s just the way I want him.

It’ll make pulling the trigger so much more satisfying.


I’m a princess. But my life is no fairy tale. It used to be…but that was a long time ago, in a land far, far away. I had it all, until one blood-soaked night when I lost everything I wanted for my future.

Now I feel as if I’m locked in a tower, alone and isolated from the man I love. He’s the one who saved me.

But I don’t think anyone can save him.


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