Just Lust

A Sexy Romantic Suspense 

Fueled by revenge and wrecked by lust…this is the story of Jeff Torres, the sexy but stupid ex-con who never learned not to dip his wick into the enemy pool.

They say prison is supposed to rehabilitate you, to make you a better citizen. But five years stuck in that concrete hellhole only fed my rage for the enemy who’d stripped me of everything. Now that I’m out, it’s time to take a sledgehammer to that bastard’s empire.

At least, that was my plan…until I got distracted by a perfect bitable ass wrapped in a tight skirt and red lips that can spit fire as well as they can suck and squeeze.

She was off-limits, but that only made me want her more. So I put everything on the line for the one person with the power to yank it all away again.

And that perfect ass? I never saw it going…not until it was too late.

***Just Lust is a re-release of Hard Time with brand-new content and a special Easter egg for fans of The Mob Lust Series!***

What People Are Saying About Hard Time

“This novel is full of steam and intrigue that will take you on one hell of a ride. Luciani packs a punch that leaves you reeling. Be prepared for the unexpected in this page-turner.” – HJ Bellus, USA Today Bestselling Author

“Secrecy, desire, and vengeance – all rolled into one AMAZING book!! Kristen really knocks this one out of the park, delivering steamy twists and incredible intrigue that will leave you breathless from page one until the end. A total MUST READ!!” – Bestselling Author Kristen Hope Mazzola

“A fast-paced, steamy, toe-curling ride that is sure to heat up your e-reader and leave you begging for more. A strong heroine, a provocative ex-con out for revenge, and off-the-charts chemistry make this the perfect blend of sexy with a hint of suspense.” – T.K. Leigh, USA Today Bestselling Author



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