Lust, Lies, & Leis

A deadly accident. A glittering life thrown into upheaval. Can two people on a quest to escape their painful realities find solace in each other before disaster strikes again?

Tatum Atwood played plenty of starring roles during her short Hollywood career, but damsel in distress was never one…not until that fateful night. Rose-colored glasses gave her superficial life a glamorous tint, but fancy parties, awards, and a designer wardrobe could never fill her empty heart…until she finally opens up to a “trusted” colleague who secretly wants nothing more than to extinguish Tatum’s light for good.

Evan Montrose was on the brink of signing the biggest endorsement deal of his life before a shocking tragedy destroyed his drive and a promising surfing career. In a blink, everything he’d achieved took a backseat to everything he’d lost. Unable to handle the pain and the guilt, he fled without a single look back.

A tropical paradise is where they sought peace. What they found was something unexpected, life-shattering, and more dangerous than they could ever have imagined….because sometimes, what’s left behind isn’t always willing to stay there.

Will these two wounded souls piece their hearts back together before the demons jeopardize their future happiness?

What People Are Saying About Lust, Lies, & Leis

“Lust, Lies, & Leis by Kristen Luciani is a melt your Kindle hot read. With likable, well-motivated characters, Luciani’s penned a delicious tale of erotic love scenes and gripping suspense.” USA Today Bestselling Author Courtney Hunt

“When love is hiding in plain sight, a book like this is too good to put down. Equally dangerous and sweet, Kristen Luciani does it again!” Author Tuesday Embers

“This is a story of insta-love and taking chances you never imagined you’d want to take. It was a fun read full of lust, heat and happy endings!” Goodreads Reviewer




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