Before You Go

Book Four of The Love Drunk Series

She’s Leaving…Because I Never Gave Her A Reason To Stay.

~ Liv ~

When I saved the new kid Hunter McKinnon from near-death by strawberry milkshake twelve years ago, I never imagined we’d become best friends. Or the hottest guy on our college campus whose dorm room has a revolving door for any and every bleached blonde, big-boobed girl with serious daddy issues. No promises, no strings, no commitment. Just mind-bending, body-quaking, soul-sizzling orgasms.

That’s his MO.

His manwhore ways never bothered me. I’d just watch and laugh at the sad and pathetic girls who’d fall all over themselves to catch his twinkling green eye. Until somewhere along the way, I became one of them.

~ Hunter ~

I have a secret.

It breaks a rule. Crosses the line. Violates the code. Puts the most important thing in my life at risk.

But none of that stops me from fantasizing about Liv Larson, the gorgeous all-star cheerleader with a body that can contort itself in ways that keep me up at night.

There aren’t enough girls on campus who can distract me from the one I want but can never have.

My best friend.

And now she’s about to leave me, to follow her dreams, because I never gave her a reason to stay.

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