Crushing the Mob

Book Five of The Ruthless Hearts Series

Screw the consequences. She belongs to me.

~ Rocco ~
They gave me an order.
My instructions were crystal clear, the threats painfully real.
Find the people who shattered her world.
Keep her safe.
Don’t lay a finger on her.
And don’t even think about falling in love.
That last part was all me.
Mission not accomplished.

~ Katarina ~
I’m a cold-blooded killer.
An assassin by trade.
I hunt those who have taken from my family.
Our list of enemies is endless, my quest for revenge never complete.
Eight years later, the memories of that day still fester.
Just like the guilt that poisons my soul,
The grief that haunts me when I close my eyes at night,
And the rage that fuels my hate.
The scars run so deep, and 
Only one person has the power to heal them.
But I’m just another task on his list, a job to complete.
I’ll never be anything more.
He could never love me.
Not after what I’ve done.
Nobody could.

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