Dirty, Dark, & Dangerous

A Contemporary Romance Box Set

Do you love bad boy rockers, dirty talking bosses, and over-the-top celebrity billionaires? Then get ready to one-click! This 700-page contemporary romance box set by USA Today bestselling author Kristen Luciani is filled with enough sizzle to keep you flipping pages until you reach the very last word!

Book 1: Plowed, A Friends to Lovers Rock Star Romance

Sexy rock god Daxton Cole has everything… and nothing that can bring him peace. Music, whiskey, pills, and parades bleached blonde groupies keep his bed warm at any given time, but none of it can make him forget his toxic past. Enter wide-eyed newbie publicist Sara Russel, the one person with the power to fix his tarnished image. But is she as innocent and naïve as she appears?

Book 2: Lust, Lies, & Leis, An Insta-Love Hidden Identity Celebrity Romance

Academy Award winning actress Tatum Atwood had played plenty of starring roles in her glittering Hollywood career, but damsel in distress was never one…until one fateful night when she almost lost everything. Anonymity was her only shot at freedom. But when she falls into the arms of a mysterious stranger at a remote beach resort halfway around the world, she realizes you can’t ever escape your past. It always finds you.

Book 3: Dirty Revenge, A Forbidden Billionaire Office Romance

Jake Michaels is arrogant, cocky, brilliant, and thirsty for revenge. Nobody at his company knows who he really is or what he really wants. But Jake has plans, big ones that will destroy an empire and anyone who gets in his way, like his boss’s sexy and deviant daughter.

Book 4: Just Lust, An Enemies to Lovers Forbidden Romance         

Framed, humiliated, and convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, Jeff Torres is finally out of prison and ready to unleash his revenge on the one who stripped him of his livelihood. But his plans are foiled when he meets Ariana Carlson, a top Hollywood publicist who has him questioning everything he thought he wanted. As Jeff begins to crave Ariana more than his payback, will the publicist’s true motives take their love to the next level or send the ex-con back to jail?

Book 5: Donut Tease Me, A Second Chance Best Friends to Lovers Romance

Stephanie Hunter thought donuts were her greatest love until rocker Bobby Moone crooned his way into her life. For years, she ignored her feelings, and now, he’s gone. Off to Los Angeles to take over the music world while she nurses a box of Krispy Kremes and a broken heart. He could have stayed. He could have married her instead. Maybe she should have told him that was an option before he left. Maybe she still can… 

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