Huge Sale! Huge🔥!

Since I know that there are soooooo many of us who use and love ✨toys✨, I knew I needed to share this amazing sale with you! All We-Vibe toys are on sale for Cyber Week until December 2! 20-50% off! That’s an insane discount! The We-Vibe Melt is one of my faves. You can useContinue reading “Huge Sale! Huge🔥!”

Just Like The Title Says…😉

As you can probably tell from the title, this book is about SEX. That’s it! No plot. No conflict. No drama. JUST HOT, SWEATY, DIRTY SEXXXXXXXXX. My best ever scenes! Get it? All the Xs???? I recently updated the book to include some new steamy scenes which, if you’ve ready my latest books, you know they areContinue reading “Just Like The Title Says…😉”

Sorry Not Sorry…😉

Not all of my friends read my books. It’s not that they don’t want to support me, it’s more that they don’t want to have X-rated mental images of me and my hubby floating around in their minds as they read the spicy scenes. And trust me, there is a plenty of spice. Like, TONS.🌶Continue reading “Sorry Not Sorry…😉”

Witches Brew & A Special Treat For You!🎃👻

I hope you had a festive Halloween! I admit it, I ate enough chocolate to last me until next Halloween! And the kickboxing workout this morning didn’t put a dent in the amount of sugar I consumed! But it’s Friday, so let’s focus on THAT! Are you reading anything good these days? I’m reading Promise Me byContinue reading “Witches Brew & A Special Treat For You!🎃👻”

Are You Tired Of Being A Hot Mess??😱🔥

I don’t know about you, but I often get inspired to organize my hectic life BEFORE it’s time to plan out my New Year’s resolutions. And as an instant gratification type of gal, I can’t wait until January 1! I need sanity NOW! That’s why I decided to create my own set of tools, startingContinue reading “Are You Tired Of Being A Hot Mess??😱🔥”

“Did You Seriously Just Try To Shoot Me?”

“Watch out!” I scream, watching as the handblown glass chandelier crashes to the ground around him, pieces flying into the air and shattering across the tiles. I leap off the bed and run over to where Leo is sprawled on the floor, his face slashed by colorful Venetian shards. “Are you okay? Did it getContinue reading ““Did You Seriously Just Try To Shoot Me?””

Read An Excerpt of Ravage!

Prologue: Alek Ten Years Ago “You need to leave. Now!” I furrow my brow, the cold wind whipping through my many layers of clothing. “Then tell me the truth about why you’re here, Dad! What the hell have you been grooming me for if you’re just going to turn me away, now of all times?Continue reading “Read An Excerpt of Ravage!”

Vengeful is Live!!!

I’m so excited to announce that Vengeful, Book 3 of the Severinov Bratva series, is LIVE on Kindle Unlimited! One single gunshot threw my life into upheaval.An assassination that will bring my family to its knees.It’s up to me to avenge the murder.An eye for an eye…that’s my MO.I have one job to do, andContinue reading “Vengeful is Live!!!”

Merciless Is LIVE!!!!

It was a crazy fun weekend, and last night on release eve, I decided to unwind by doing some social media graphics for Merciless. LOL. What can I say? Photoshop helps to calm my nerves. Anyway, here we are, and the Severinov Bratva series has officially kicked off!!! SO EXCITING!!! And since it’s release day, youContinue reading “Merciless Is LIVE!!!!”

Read the Prologue for Merciless!

3 MORE SLEEPS!!!! And then Merciless, Book One of the Severinov Bratva Series, will be HERE!!!!! I’m sure you’ve already read Defiance, the prequel to this amazing new mafia series (WINK, WINK), so how about the Prologue??? Here’s a little taste of what’s to come! Enjoy! xoxo Prologue Kazimir I clutch the sides of myContinue reading “Read the Prologue for Merciless!”

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