Lust vs. Loyalty…Which Will You Choose?

Screwing the Mob, Book One of The Mob Lust Series

Nico & Shaye Duet, Book One

When the allure of the forbidden takes a deadly turn…


He never cared about me. He never would. He was always on the take, but this time he took too much. I betrayed my family tonight. I lost my virginity tonight. I was ready to give this whole life up tonight. I loved him, and he treated me like I was no better than the dirt on the bottom of his shoe. One thought makes me smile through the hot tears streaming down my face. I could have him killed.


Just plain sex. I tried to convince myself that’s all it was. Except there was nothing plain about what we did that night. I lied to myself about how I feel, and I lied to her when I told her I wanted her to leave. Now I’m dodging calls from her crazy brother, who, if he found out I’d so much as seen her naked, would wrap his hands around my throat and squeeze until my eyeballs popped out of the sockets. And yeah, I’ve seen my best friend do just that for a hell of a lot less.

What People Are Saying About Screwing the Mob

“A deliciously addictive forbidden romance between two people drowning in lust and bound by opposing loyalties. Danger, desire, out of control pheromones, and baseball bats – everything you’d want in a steamy mafia romance! Romeo and Juliet, meet Goodfellas.” – Bestselling Author Kristen Hope Mazzola

“A first-time forbidden romance tainted with lies and betrayal and oozing with lust…simply addictive!” – Amazon Reviewer

“My heart! I’ve suffered many heart palpitations while reading mafia romance, and this book just took YEARS off my life in the best way possible!” – Amazon Reviewer

“My mind is completely blown at this dark, twisted, and sexy as hell rollercoaster ride deep into the underworld! I guess I shouldn’t be shocked. The author’s name IS Luciani.” – Amazon Reviewer

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  1. Can’t wait to check this out!

  2. wow!! seems like a good read!! cant wait for it to be out 🙂

  3. Girl, this is Hot Stuff. It’s cold here and your writing warms the heart and I look forward to more sass and spunk.

  4. Mary Preston says:

    Sounds fabulous!!

  5. Multiple Sclerosis? Interesting.

    • I hope you enjoy the story! MS is a really frightening disease and though it poses a lot of challenges for patients, it should never hold them back from reaching their goals and dreams. =)

  6. Can’t wait.

  7. can’t wait to read it. Sounds good.

  8. Carly Phillips sent me

  9. kim thorne says:

    sounds interesting

  10. This looks amazing can’t wait for it

  11. looking forward to reading this! I just graduated Nursing school and i know how hard it is for patients who have multiple sclerosis and their families.

    • I really hope you enjoy the story and I hope that readers will appreciate how challenging it is to deal with this disease but that patients should never let it hold them back from achieving their goals and dreams. =)


  13. This looks amazing and sounds just as good.

  14. Sounds interesting

  15. Amazing writer and cannot wait to read more of your books keep up the amazing work with the amazing stories you write <3 looking forward to more

    Love Sam <3

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