Dark Deviant

She is my temptation…and my sin.

Too much booze and a laundry list of regrets landed me in bed with a gorgeous blonde halfway around the world.
It was a one-night stand gone very wrong, plagued by deadly secrets and deceit.
I was never supposed to see her again.
But the curves of her body, fierce glow of her eyes, and mouth that begged for more made her impossible to forget.
And now, two and a half years later, she’s staring into the barrel of my gun.

Her brothers came to Miami for revenge…against me.
But they hit the wrong target, killing my mother instead.
Now our families are at war,
And justice can only be served through death.
Her death.

But she has a secret, too…a baby girl who looks just like me.
So my plans changed.
Killing her was my mission.
Kidnapping her is my compromise.

As the days pass, my need to possess her consumes me more than my need for revenge.
Punishing her defiance becomes my obsession.
My smart-mouthed vixen resists at every turn, igniting my anger…
And desire.

But when my beautiful captive commits the worst betrayal of all, I have a choice to make…
Kill the mother of my child for her lies or ruin her life forever by marrying her?

Fans of scorching hot hate to love captive romances will devour book five in the VENGEFUL VILLAINS Dark Mafia series by USA Today bestselling author Kristen Luciani!

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