Merciless Monster

She is his desire.
His corruption.

When my business partner asked me to host an event at my club,
I didn’t expect his daughter to show up in a bikini straddling a motorcycle.
Her seductive gaze taunted me,
Her sinful body screamed of sex and sin.

He warned me to stay far away from her, and
Said he’d kill anyone who touched her.
Then he committed the worst betrayal against me,
Throwing his only daughter straight into the flames.

So I got my revenge
And kidnapped the gorgeous biker princess,
The forbidden fruit I was ordered to avoid.

Now she’s a pawn in our vicious power play,
A plaything to be used for my wants, my needs, and my pleasure.

But Alexis is defiant and reckless…dangerous and vengeful.
I punish her at every turn,
Stripping her of her innocence every time I spank her bright red.
She will learn her place.
And she will obey.

Because this beautiful captive is mine…
To possess,
To break,
And to marry.
Consequences…and her father…be damned.

Fans of scorching hot hate to love captive romances will devour book four in the VENGEFUL VILLAINS Dark Mafia series by USA Today bestselling author Kristen Luciani!

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