What’s In It For Me?

Let’s face it, contemporary romance novels are ubiquitous.  So how can you differentiate yours from the rest?  This is a big part of the value prop for an author but you don’t always get an opportunity to deliver a full Power Point presentation complete with charts and Smart Art explaining why your novel commands attention. Continue reading “What’s In It For Me?”

What’s Your Value Prop As An Author?

We’re basically all salespeople, in some form or other.  There’s always a pitch to be made – whether it is selling a product, an idea, a service or a project.  If you want to be successful, you need a compelling value prop to entice potential customers and expand your reach. As authors, we have toContinue reading “What’s Your Value Prop As An Author?”


It starts with one word, then two, with several more to follow. Before you know it, you’ve written a book.  You can call yourself an author!  Then comes the daunting task of delivering your story to the masses.  Don’t be fooled; writing the book is the EASY part.  Now you need to prove your worthContinue reading “Welcome”

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