Book One: Severinov Bratva Series

She owes me a debt, and it’s time to collect. 

With a gorgeous face and a criminal streak, Lindy thinks she owns Sin City. But my new obsession made a fatal choice when she walked into the Las Vegas casino I happen to own. 

She trusted the wrong people, put greed before common sense, and lost everything.
Now, there’s a debt to be paid. 
To me. 

But I don’t care about money…
I want her as my payment. 

MERCILESS, the explosive first book in the dark Russian mafia series, SEVERINOV BRATVA, by USA Today Bestselling author Kristen Luciani, is a standalone Dark, Captive, Hate To Lovers Mafia Romance, complete with HEA and no cheating. 

What Readers Are Saying…


“This mafia romance is full of intensegripping action and off-the-charts chemistry between the two main characters! Luciani created a powerhouse with this one!” – HJ Bellus, USA Today Bestselling Author


Sexy, suspenseful, and so addictive! A dark romance filled with heat, passion, and drama that will keep you flipping pages until you gasp at the last words!” USA Today Bestselling Author, Kristen Hope Mazzola


“Whew! Still fanning myself. Dark, suspenseful and chemistry off the charts. This is a dark book – no one is really “good” more like shades of grey (and very close to black sometimes). The characters both come from a background where they aren’t that unusual so for them this is “normal” that being said, plan to read this is one sitting – it’s fast paced and action packed!” – MyOhMy


“Dark, intense and suspense at its top game. Loved this story hard. The unpredictable twists and dark turns was definitely at powerful cocktail to get you drunk on the wild ride you are about to go on. You’ll want a front row seat because you don’t want to miss a moment of surprises that will have you white knuckled on the edge of your seat. – JJ


“This book was a thrilling and suspenseful dark read full of action, passion and drama. There are twists and turns that draw you in and keeps you reading until the end! The storyline and characters are great! Kaz and Lindy are perfect for each other!” – Cynthia

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