Stolen Soul


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He put his ring on my finger and a knife through my heart…

Massimo Marrone is pure evil disguised by ripped muscles and a gorgeous face.
His dark secrets and blackened heart have turned him into a monster before my eyes.
And I’ve become his prey.

He promised me protection and committed the worst betrayal with his lies,
Breaking my heart in the process.
Because Massimo is no white knight.
He’s a ruthless mafia prince who is determined to destroy me at all costs.

Now I’m being forced to wear his ring and be paraded around as his princess as a show of power and strength to our enemies.
Or else.
But I’m nobody’s trophy.
I refuse to be anyone’s pawn.
And Massimo will never own me.

I repeat those words to myself every time he appears in my bedroom to punish me for not being his dutiful fiancé.
My mind screams the words with every smack of his palm, with every brain melting kiss.
Still, he commands my body with his rough touch and dirty, steamy promises.

I resist his devious advances but just being near him makes my entire body sizzle with desire.
And I find myself craving him more and more.

When a near-tragedy forces me to trust the man who stole my life to protect it, I have a choice to make.
But how much can you really trust the devil?
And will he make me submit to him as payment?

STOLEN SOUL is the explosive second book in the RUTHLESS REVENGE trilogy by USA Today Bestselling author Kristen Luciani and a continuation of Massimo and Kristina’s story. It’s a Forced Marriage, Secret Identity Dark Mafia Romance that fans of Zoe Blake and Nicole Fox are sure to enjoy! This epic family saga ends with a guaranteed HEA in EVIL EMPIRE. It is not a standalone.

Stolen Soul