Desperately Channeling My Inner Chi

We got some really distressing news this morning about the child of a close friend who was just diagnosed with leukemia. But yet we let our own kids continue to haunt us all day, because we ARE only human and the stress just made us snap.

But the stress of what exactly?

Contending with three whiny, willful and wayward kids? Makes me feel so incredibly guilty. Like, how can we let the nonsense bother us when our friend’s child is undergoing aggressive treatments to cure a potentially life-threatening disease? Why can’t we hold it together better? Why can’t we be grateful they are physically able to give us a run for our money?

I hate that I can’t rise above and focus on what’s really important. It’s really a wake-up call. We need to be grateful for everything good in our lives, everyday, because if it is challenged at some point, we can never travel into the past to change our experiences. We have to embrace every moment and ignore the small stuff. Because it really IS small stuff.

I Left My Beloved Laptop In A Fitting Room Yesterday…Senility Is Setting In Sooner Than Anticipated


I would say that I get one solid hour of stress-free, uninterrupted writing time per week.  That doesn’t mean I only write during that one hour; it only means that I don’t have seven other things cooking simultaneously.  I can’t tell you how much I love this time.  My daughter throws back handsprings.  I type.  Hard and fast.  Generates a lot of curious stares.  Sometimes a few comments.

Yesterday was no exception.  I churned out pages and pages of backstory.  Smiling, sighing, giggling, clapping.  It was a super-productive tumbling class.  But instead of celebrating the completion of a very challenging storyline once I got home, I nearly had a coronary.

My laptop was gone.  Not in the car, not in the house.  Not ANYWHERE.

My heart literally stopped for a few seconds…until I called Justice and found out I left it in the fitting room.  As an aside, I never leave my laptop on the car because I’m afraid someone will break in and steal it.  Ironic, huh?

I haven’t fully recovered…the palpitations have slowed but I’m still reeling.  Even three glasses of wine did nothing to settle my nerves.  I should have opted for the vodka.

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