What’s Inside Your Closet??

How many times have you spotted someone who’s rocking a killer pair of booties or swinging around the most delectable piece of arm candy you can imagine? How about catching a glimpse of someone who just really knows how to piece together an awesome outfit? Someone whose style you’re just dying to emulate? I cameContinue reading “What’s Inside Your Closet??”

“Kent Says There Are Fifty Ways To Win In Denver”

Silly me. Did I REALLY think that once George turned three he was going to magically be potty-bound for life? Um, yes, of course I did. I will pause here for a moment so you can enjoy a few snickers at my expense. It was a nice thought.  So far, we’re three for three.  I constructedContinue reading ““Kent Says There Are Fifty Ways To Win In Denver””

Daughter Of The Digital Revolution…And Her AG Cronies

Who knew that AGSM would open my eyes to how very inspirational my daughter Lulu could be? AGSM = American Girl Stop Motion = YouTube craze = Lulu’s new favorite pastime Stop motion videos are super cool, if you’ve never had the pleasure of watching one.  Lulu stumbled upon the YouTube channel and has beenContinue reading “Daughter Of The Digital Revolution…And Her AG Cronies”

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