Time To Bust Outta That Box!!!

You’re a startup entrepreneur. By nature, that makes you an idea generator. It also probably means you’re operating on a shoestring budget. So you have to wear multiple hats – innovator, marketer, developer, designer – and figure out how to get your offerings to market in an expedient and cost-efficient way. Not an easy task…but you’veContinue reading “Time To Bust Outta That Box!!!”

How To Make The Lust Last

Kevin Hale, partner of Y Combinator and founder of Wufoo, recently gave a fab presentation at Stanford as part of the “How To Start a Startup” course. I LOVE these sessions. It’s so great to gain perspective from those who’ve been successful putting their lessons into practice.  You know the saying “those who can’t do, teach?” Not the case with thisContinue reading “How To Make The Lust Last”

BB, CC, DD??? The Cost Of Masking Our Perceived Imperfections

I’m going to dedicate this post to a question I’m asked rather frequently – what the hell is the difference between BB creams and CC creams?  Are they ratings?  And if so, why would anyone else buy CC cream??? I have to admit I’ve asked the same question myself and to cover all my bases,Continue reading “BB, CC, DD??? The Cost Of Masking Our Perceived Imperfections”

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