Book One Of The Men Of Mayhem Series

It’s why I stumbled into that sidewalk cafe in Sicily.
Serena Vitale is the reason why I left with a target on my back
And without my triple espresso.
Since I met her, she’s been the star of every single salacious fantasy.
With a body built for sin and heart of gold, I knew I had to make her mine.
Except she’s a princess and,
I’m no knight in shining armor.
A fact her ruthless father made pretty damn clear
When he ordered me to stay far away.
Now Serena and I share a common enemy,
One that won’t rest until we’re both eliminated.
I know I can save her.
Her father knows it, too.
And he doesn’t care that sparing her life means giving up my own.

WANTED is the first book in the new Italian mafia series, MEN OF MAYHEM, by USA Today Bestselling author Kristen Luciani. Be prepared to lose yourself in the dark, dangerous, and deliciously deviant underworld starring the Marcone family. Pulse-pounding suspense with a guaranteed HEA and no cheating.

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