Killer Kiss

A bratva princess needs protection from the man secretly hired to destroy her…Me.

My job was to protect the gorgeous heiress to the Ivankov mafia empire after her parents were murdered.

I thought she’d be naive and innocent like her sisters. I didn’t count on the fiery vixen princess who’d narrowly escaped the third bullet meant for her.

I need to become her savior… before I reveal myself as her devil.

She fights me with all of the anger, distrust, and stubbornness that floods her sinful body, fueling every one of my twisted desires. Her actions beg me for punishment in the form of bound wrists and the sharp sting of my palm against her flesh.

She will learn to obey.

As time goes on, I slowly forget my hatred and shelve all plans for revenge, my obsession with Kristina Ivankov swallowing me whole.

I will not lose.
I will claim my prize.
I will own the princess and her kingdom.

KILLER KISS is book one in the RUTHLESS REVENGE trilogy by USA Today Bestselling author Kristen Luciani and the story of Massimo and Kristina. It’s a Forced Marriage, Secret Identity Dark Mafia Romance that fans of Zoe Blake and Nicole Fox are sure to enjoy! This epic family saga follows one couple through a steamy, pulse-pounding trilogy with a guaranteed HEA in book three, EVIL EMPIRE.

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