Welcome To My Mafia Underworld…

The Vengeful Villains Series

If you love spicy Russian bratva romance where the anti-heroes are twisted, kinky, and crazy possessive, and the heroines are smart-mouthed, sassy, and strong, then the Vengeful Villains series is for you! These seven books are so hot, they’ll steam up your eReaders and singe your fingers. Indulge in tropes of arranged/forced marriage, enemies to lovers, secret baby/pregnancy, captive/kidnapping, and bodyguard/protector.

The Sinfully Savage Series

If you love dirty, sexy, hot Italian mafia romance where the heroines are as vicious as the anti-heroes, then check out the Sinfully Savage series. Enjoy themes of arranged marriage, captive/kidnapping, enemies to lovers, second chances, and secret identity.

The Reckless Reign Trilogy

Or maybe you love trilogies! The Reckless Reign Trilogy is an epic dark Irish mafia romance that could not possibly be told in one book! If you’d love to indulge in the saga of an anti-hero who’s a famous underwear model turned mob boss and his best friend’s sister, the girl he’s been secretly in love with for years, then check out this series. It’s a second chance, arranged marriage romance with ALL the tingles and feels.

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