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The Vengeful Villains Series

 Twister Tyrant, $18

 Dirty Devil, $18

 Cruel Captor, $18

 Merciless Monster, $18 

 Dark Deviant, $18 

 Seductive Sadist, $18 

 Lethal Lover, $18 

The Ruthless Revenge Trilogy

 Killer Kiss, $18 

 Stolen Soul, $18 

 Evil Empire, $18 

The Reckless Reign Trilogy

 Corrupted Crown, $18 

 Vicious Vows, $18 

 Tarnished Throne, $18 

The Sinfully Savage Series

 Savage Ruler, $18 

 Savage Liar, $18 

 Savage Beast, $18 

 Savage Sinner, $18 

 Savage Hunter, $18 

The Men of Mayhem Series

 Wanted, $18 

 Coveted, $18 

 Taken, $18 

 Fallen, $18 

The Severinov Bratva Series

 Merciless, $18 

 Possessive, $18 

 Vengeful, $18 

 Ravage, $18 

The Mob Lust Series

 Screwing the Mob, $18 

 Ruling the Mob, $18 

 Betraying the Mob, $18 

 Slaying the Mob, $18 

Crushing the Mob, $18 

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