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Do you crave dark and twisted mafia romance with over-the top alphas and pulse-pounding suspense? Well then, you’ll just love DEFIANCE and the four-book Severinov Bratva series that follows.


One single phone call. That’s all it took to shatter my world and turn my future into a never-ending nightmare. I’ve waited a damn long time for this night. I’ve trained my whole lifetime for it. Just a little farther…just a few more minutes…just a few more steps… And then, justice will finally be served. It won’t even begin to even the score. Or fix what’s long been broken. But it has to be done. Everything is in place. And I have to be the one to pull the trigger.


I had a sheltered life. Cushy, comfortable, and perfect, as far as I knew. But it was one I didn’t choose. One filled with lies and deceit. And one that nearly came to a screeching halt as a result. Never again will I leave my fate in the hands of people who think they know best, only to find out that they don’t. I can’t ever go back. As of tonight, the past no longer exists. I need to do things my way from now on. Not their way. Their way almost killed me.


Are you looking for off-the-charts chemistry, nonstop thrills, and twists that will have you gasping for air? Well then, get ready to be sucked into my wildly suspenseful universe of Sicilian organized crime and bloodlust when you download MAYHEM!

For years, I’d been on a quest to find the men who killed my father. We trusted them and respected them because they were family. But they signed their death warrants the day they betrayed us. One by one, I’ve made them all pay for their sins. Revenge drove me to this place of darkness. But when I pulled the trigger that last time, finally putting an end to the hunt, I sealed my own fate and committed a worse sin.

Out Of Order

Or, maybe you’d prefer a spicy and sexy forbidden workplace romance like OUT OF ORDER!

It’s been six months since I took a bite of that shiny, forbidden apple and I haven’t been the same since.

Screwing associates at the firm was never my thing. I never dipped my wick in the office pool. Then Valentina strutted into my office with a resume that would make any prospective employer’s jaw drop to the floor. Couple that with her porn star body, and it was instant hard-on.

The problem? I still haven’t lost the hard-on. It’s been six months since I took a bite of that shiny, forbidden apple, and I’ve never been the same. She has my head…or rather, both my heads…in a million places. I need her, crave her, cannot function without her. That first taste turned me into an addict, and I have no desire for rehab.

But that apple is laced with toxins that are about to poison both our livelihoods, and when I save hers, I lose everything.

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