Hell Hath No Fury…

The last thing I expected when I took this job was to fall in love.
Gemma is beautiful, bright, and strong, perfect in every way but one.
She’s my enemy’s daughter.
It is utter torture to work for him and ache for her day after day.
I should have kept my hands and feelings to myself, but she broke me with her crystal blue eyes and body made for my hands.
Innocent and naïve, Gemma foolishly thinks we can have a future together, that we can create our own happily ever after.
Until my work comes to a sudden end and her world is shattered by exploding bullets and vengeance of the most deadly kind.
I gave her everything and then yanked it away, committing the worst betrayal of all.
But Gemma isn’t the type to watch from the sidelines.
She’s a take-action kind of girl, fueled by bloodlust.
Shame on me for not seeing her coming.

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