Lethal Lover


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A gorgeous, arrogant, and brazen mafia enforcer from New York is about to become my new partner…and fake husband.

For years, I’ve hunted the man who broke my family and killed my parents.
We’re finally in the same city and this time, he won’t escape.
Nothing will come between me and the justice I crave.
Nothing…except a cocky, reckless, and utterly gorgeous mafia enforcer from New York.

When Quinn Mulligan shows up in Las Vegas on the run from a ruthless drug kingpin, I know I need to avoid him at all costs.
He’s a whirlwind of chaos, and there’s no way I’m going to let Mr. Tie Me Up and Pin Me Down derail my plans to take down my enemy.
Except the only way to get close is through membership to a very exclusive night club,
And membership requires wedding bands.

It’s the worst possible match.
We’re complete opposites in every way.
I think…and he doesn’t.
He infuriates me with the wildly dangerous streak that jeopardizes our mission.
But his sinful good looks, bad boy attitude, and fierce loyalty to the people he cares about are electrifying.

The harder I fight him, the more devious he becomes.
My mind knows he’s dangerous, not only to my objective but to my heart.
That still doesn’t stop my body from craving his rough touch and filthy promises.

Until I realize that he, like everyone, has secrets…
And sometimes, the ones who claim to love you most are the real villains in the story.

Lethal Lover