Light Me up

A guy. A girl. A shot of tequila. And one hot night in Mexico that changed them forever.

Maya was the girl with the master plan. After graduating from college with honors, hitting the top rung of the corporate ladder at the most sought-after firm in Manhattan was her primary goal.

Marriage was just an unnecessary distraction designed by society to derail her from her goals.

A man was the last thing she needed.

Drifting through life as a quintessential bachelor was what Zane was good at. There were women in his life but no one he wanted to settle down with. Avoiding love kept him shielded but lonely. His mind constantly drifted to the one that got away.

Being single was better. Or so he thought.

But when their paths collided one hot night, their perspectives changed forever.

And they realized that life unplanned is just, well…life.

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