Broken rocker seeks solace in music, whiskey & fake boobs. Only a newbie publicist can save him, but her demons are unforgiving…and deadly.

Sexy rock god Daxton Cole has everything… and nothing that can bring him peace. Music, whiskey, pills, and parades of silicone-enhanced groupies keep his bed warm at any given time, but none of it soothes his wounded soul. The demons always win. His life is a toxic existence on a permanent loop, like a bad 80s movie.


Sara Russell, the junior publicist hired to salvage his tarnished image, plows into him. Literally. Innocent, naïve, and pure, she’s the only one who can piece together what has long been shattered.

But sometimes, when you’re so broken, it’s impossible to become whole again. And even more impossible to save anyone else.

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