Cheap Thrills


*Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery as each box is ordered and assembled specially. All items will come in discreet packaging. Shipping is a flat rate of $15.



This sinful box contains a tiny treasure that you can use anywhere. It’s a silicone vibrating bullet that is super discreet and a favorite for Hubby and I. Don’t let the size fool you. It is small but mighty. Perfect for stolen moments when you’re so turned on that you just can’t help but let loose on the sly. It’s the kind of naughty little device you can use on Date Night if the mood strikes and you happen to be hidden in a dark corner somewhere. Just saying.😉

Each box comes with a white satin pouch customized with my logo. Perfect for hiding your exploding bullet!

You also get plenty of steamy and spicy reading material to get you in the mood. This box contains Dirty Revenge, which is an erotic short featuring dark and dirty office shenanigans, a little fingering action in the research room, and a whole lot of vibrator play in the boss’s office, during work hours. Both paperbacks are signed by yours truly. You’ll also get Just the Sex Please, a full-length book of all of my very hottest sex scenes! Sometimes, we just want the sex. No backstory, no banter, just sex every which way, with and without toys, guys with girls, guys with guys. That’s exactly what I bring to you in this book.

You also get my favorite lube. It’s water-based and so not messy! I have white sheets and absolutely hate when lube stains them. No worries with this one. You’ll have your choice of Sex on the Beach or Prosecco flavors.


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