Stressed Out? Don’t Fight It, Embrace It

I’ve been a big ball of stress lately. Wound like a top and spinning out of control. Working on three books, each at different lifecycle stages, plus working full-time and being a mom to my three little ones, a housekeeper and a happy wife…yikes! Hello, DOWNTIME??

Strange as it may seem, stress fuels my drive for success in all endeavors. Yes, I may be a little snippy at times…okay, fine a LOT snippy! But at the end of the day, I’m charged to succeed. Fired up to excel. Excited to pursue.

How is that possible?

The stress I’m referring to is called acute stress…the kind that’s fueled by adrenaline. And I’m evidently not alone in my belief that stress can positively contribute to success. Kristin Wehner, whose company, Kinetic Enterprise LLC, helps entrepreneurs leverage their health in business, stated acute stress “provides the immediate resources necessary to think clearly and react quickly. It’s that superhero-esque, eleventh hour focus.”

This Kristen agrees wholeheartedly. For me, it helps get multiple jobs done. It narrows my focus and helps me keep organized. I may be a raving you-know-what in the process, but I get stuff done…a heck of a lot of stuff. Being stressed works for me. I’m not saying it works for my husband or my kids, but I’m good with it.

The key is knowing your threshold. Too much acute stress will inevitably become counterproductive. Be aware of your body and mind. Take a breather every now and again to keep the creative juices flowing freely. Schedule “nothing” time for yourself, you know, to recharge the old batteries and all that. I’ve found that I can’t just “turn things off” according to a set schedule. I think…ALL THE TIME. So take a few minutes to let ideas marinate while you “do nothing.”

The correlation between stress and inspiration is an interesting one. I wonder how many more people think and process the way I do.

How do you think and work best? Do you think stress holds you back or makes you more effective?

Time For The UNLIKELY VENTURE Cover Reveal!

Yay!!!!!  Time for the big COVER REVEAL!!!!!!!  UNLIKELY VENTURE is coming…November 10!!!!!!!!

Waking up to all the Tweets and cover reveal posts was AWESOME!!!!  Thank you SO MUCH to all the fabulous book bloggers for making such a big splash for UNLIKELY VENTURE!!!! xoxo

You’ll finally get to meet all the characters I’ve casually referenced over the past months and find out why I’m so obsessed with them!

I hope you love it as much as I do.  <3

Unlikely Venture_FINAL_high

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After learning Jessica’s been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, her fiancé bolted out of her life as if he was on fire.  She finds solace in her career–no distractions or romantic entanglements there!

But the universe has its own agenda.

Three thousand miles away from home and in the most unlikely of circumstances, Jessica meets Silicon Valley rising star James Callahan and her world is instantly turned upside down.  Things go further awry when she encounters a ghost from the past.  That one night of reckless abandon is back to haunt her and the control she fought so hard to regain is now in the hands of another.

Plagued by betrayal and guilt over his dad’s untimely death, James left Cambridge in search of a new beginning.  With laser-focus, he built a cutting edge technology company now on the brink of financial success.  Romance is the last thing on his mind…until he meets Jessica.

Fate brought them together, awakening their dormant emotions.  But Jessica’s scandalous secret consumes her and threatens the very happiness she feared she’d never find with another man.  Can James handle the truth about her past?  Or did she pick the wrong guy yet again?

Everything Changes, For Better or Worse

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I actually posted this awhile back but I caught an episode of Shark Tank and I had to find it to reblog. They say change is good.  Perhaps it is, in the long run.  But in the short-term, it is just plain scary, primarily because it forces us into the unknown. Always daunting.  Change can be exciting but […]

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See A Need, Fill A Need

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Yes, I stole the title from the movie “Robots.”  But I just credited them, so we’re good.  It’s a powerful statement, one that begs a question… Are people going to pay for your idea or service? This is the very first question you need to ask yourself as an entrepreneur.  And answer it honestly because […]

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Rejection Never Felt So Satisfying

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Like all authors seeking validation by gaining acceptance to an exclusive publishing house, I submitted “Unlikely Venture” in hopes of scoring a lucrative contract and promises of making the bestseller lists.  Fortunately, like a Band-Aid being yanked from a wound, two out of the three I submitted to rejected it right away, for a variety […]

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Please Brand Me Now!!!!

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Branding. Argh.  Sooo challenging…and so permanent.  It needs to be just right. Identifying your “brand” is kind of like going to college, where the goal is trying to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life.  But at eighteen, who really knows THAT? You have to pick a major but what are […]

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The Flower Power Entrepreneur


Do you know what I absolutely hate spending money on? Greeting cards. I spend tons on cards for people that may be displayed on a counter for a couple of days and then casually get tossed into the trash.  Even the “discount” cards are still around $2.99.  And let’s not even discuss the dollar store cards. […]

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It Can’t Just Be Smart…It Needs To Be Vogue

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It can’t just be a “smart” watch. Because Apple would effectively eliminate and alienate every style-and-label-conscious consumer in its target audience. Common objection to an iDevice gracing my wrist – Why do I need a smart watch?  I’d rather sport a Chanel J-12 or my Cartier Balloon Bleu.  I have an iPhone…with a super blingy case…I’m […]

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Jersey Girls Love Their Barefoot Sandals!


Ahhh…Oyster Fest 2014. Lobster rolls, crab cakes, clams, oysters, beer and…bling? Something I’ve always loved about the festivals in Jersey is that they celebrate small business owners.  We always find interesting products in our travels and if they are any bit girly, Lulu is at the table, front and center, ready to patronize. Yesterday was […]

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Yet Another Teaser & Giveaway…YAY!!!!!


Hubby was just on Facebook and pointed to a picture of a girl named Gina who just had a Scrabble piece of the letter “G” tattooed to her ankle.  He said, “Would you ever do that?”  And I shook my head vehemently.  “No, absolutely not.  My name doesn’t begin with a ‘G’.” LOL.  But seriously…. […]

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