Build Your Own Virtual Reality Porn Star!

Okay, so this idea is a bit risqué but it’s got HUGE potential.

How would you like to download an app that let’s you construct your own porn star…and when you’ve customized him or her exactly to your liking (or lusting, as the case may be), you upload your own photo and boom!  You simulate your own…well, YOU know.  =)

Now I see this as more of a guy’s fantasy.  Yes, Im generalizing.  Sue me.  Hair color, eye color, skin tone, body type – everything is customizeable AND photorealistic.  A 3D virtual reality porn star who will do everything and anything you command.

I Googled my idea.  No such apps exist.  Score!  But there is a video game idea that comes awfully close, courtesy of StartUp Daily author, Tasnuva Bindi (Design Your Own Porno:  Programmer Introduces The 3D Virtual Reality Porn Star, 1/2014). The main differentiator between this programmer’s idea and my idea is the level of interaction.

In his video game, the porn star performs acts which are then viewed by some horny user who does…well, I don’t need to get specific here, right?  We’re all adults.

In my app, the horny user can upload his own photo and the system will simulate him…ahem…engaging with his carefully crafted leading lady, complete with double Ds and whatever else turns him on.

It’s a surefire winner.  =)

Courtesy of Startup Daily

Courtesy of Startup Daily



“Unlikely Venture” Giveaway! Enter To Win A $25 Amazon Gift Card!

I feel like I’ve promoted the launch of “Unlikely Venture” for a while and even though November is still a few months away, there’s sooooo much to do!  Luckily, I’m working with a fabulous team of talented people who’ve been guiding me through the process and I’m so thankful for all their advice and guidance!

This is a super-exciting time and I’m enjoying every minute!

So let’s celebrate with a Rafflecopter giveaway!

A couple of clicks and you can win a $25 Amazon gift card!  It’s so simple to enter!  Follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook, sign up for my mailing list, friend me on Booktropolous Social…lots of ways to win!

And how could I forget the synopsis…


Unlikely Venture

Here’s the thing about keeping secrets…they can only protect you for so long before threatening to destroy everything you hold dear.

Meet Jessica Latham:  a bright, sassy, workaholic with a penchant for plunging necklines and Christian Louboutin stilettos.  She has her dream job at the top management consulting firm in Manhattan, but it is coupled with the daily nightmare of an overbearing and demeaning boss who consistently undermines her abilities and challenges her at every turn.

And that’s the least of her problems.

Devastating news threatens her livelihood and sends her fiancé running for the hills without so much as a backward glance.  Newly single and fearful about her future, she focuses on work to escape the looming uncertainty…until a moment of weakness changes everything.  During a night tinged with one too many glasses of chardonnay, she meets Paul Emerson, a mysterious stranger who becomes an eager and willing participant in Jessica’s efforts to finally regain some control of her life.

It was supposed to be an isolated incident, something she subconsciously needed to restore her confidence and clear her head.  But what Jessica soon realizes is that taking control doesn’t always mean she is actually the one in control and things don’t always turn out as planned.

After being awarded a coveted opportunity at work, Jessica thought she was headed for a much-deserved promotion and some degree of stability.  But she didn’t anticipate meeting James Callahan, MIT-graduate-turned-start-up-CEO and she certainly didn’t expect for Paul to walk back into her life.  The internal struggle intensifies when threats to her future resurface.  Her worlds collide when everything Jessica thought was important is pitted against everything she wants for the future and she needs to quickly get her head and her heart in sync before somebody gets hurt.

Download Your Own Sleepover Pal!

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On Saturday night, I reached a milestone in my parenting career. I knew the day would come when I would run out of excuses… Lulu hosted her very first sleepover. This was a monumental event, folks. Lots of prep time and a slight bit of panic on my part since sleepovers are all about the execution […]

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Are You Risk-Averse Or Risk-Embracing??

Courtesy of Wikipedia

I’m so charged up right now!  I have the best freaking idea and I’m so excited to work on it!!! I LOVE channeling my inner creative spirit!  Sometimes it goes into overdrive.  It’s like I can’t stop it.  LOL, do you get the reference?  The Girl Next Door??  Elisha Cuthbert, former porn star, Emile Hirsch, her younger, […]

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This Jersey Girl Loves Rocky Mountain Pizza!!! Must Be The Nutmeg…

Are you ready to hear my super-cool brush with fame? So, while watching “The Internship” the other night, I was inspired to share one of my favorite clips from the movie.  Then I tweeted it.  Hashtagged it to DEATH. And then, something insane happened.  One of the actors in the movie picked up on one […]

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Nice To Have Or Need To Have? Don’t Count On Mom To Make The Final Call

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I came across a great article on Silicon Moon about how to most effectively gauge market interest in your product or service.  The original article was posted to Venture Beat. Key question – Does it disrupt the numbing normalcy that we’ve grown used to in our daily lives?  Because if it doesn’t, there’s no market for […]

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Steamy Teaser Alert For Unlikely Venture!


I love these teasers SO much!  They breathe life into my characters, even though I’ve been involved with them for quite some time! I’m super excited, can you tell??? November can’t come fast enough!!!!

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You Take A Picture & Post It…On The Line. Let’s Call It….Exchange-O-Gram!


The Internship is my current favorite movie.  The first time I watched it, I was really tired and had way too much wine so I didn’t fully appreciate the humor. The movie has some classic scenes, but this one is my fave.  I got such a chuckle when I watched it earlier that I needed to […]

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Would You Please Sign My Kindle??

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Okay, I spend a lot of time covering ideas that others have but here’s one I’ve mulled over… People love autographed copies of books, especially books they actually enjoyed reading.  But how does that work if your library is in electronic form and all of your books are downloaded to a Kindle or Nook? No […]

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Caffeinating Sand Hill Road

The minimalist décor of a Blue Bottle café in Oakland, Calif.

Courtesy of Clay McLachlan/

Having a business on Sand Hill Road just opens up all sorts of possibilities to fledgling entrepreneurs. Close proximity to a boatload of venture capital means that your brick-and-mortar may actually qualify for some of it, IF you can prove you have the right vision and strategy. Case in point?  Blue Bottle Coffee. If you roast […]

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