Jagged Little Pills, Al Bundy and Microfiber

“When the world slips you a Jeffrey, stroke the furry wall.” – Infant Sorrow I’ve had a couple of Jeffries shoved down my throat over the past few days.  Nearly impossible to swallow.  They’d been kind of lodged in my throat, not cutting off my breathing but jagged enough to remind me they were still ever-present.  Until I decidedContinue reading “Jagged Little Pills, Al Bundy and Microfiber”

“Kent Says There Are Fifty Ways To Win In Denver”

Silly me. Did I REALLY think that once George turned three he was going to magically be potty-bound for life? Um, yes, of course I did. I will pause here for a moment so you can enjoy a few snickers at my expense. It was a nice thought.  So far, we’re three for three.  I constructedContinue reading ““Kent Says There Are Fifty Ways To Win In Denver””

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