BB, CC, DD??? The Cost Of Masking Our Perceived Imperfections


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I’m going to dedicate this post to a question I’m asked rather frequently – what the hell is the difference between BB creams and CC creams?  Are they ratings?  And if so, why would anyone else buy CC cream???

I have to admit I’ve asked the same question myself and to cover all my bases, I use both. =)

According to Allure, BB creams are like tinted moisturizers in steroids.  They hydrate, even out skin tone, douse the skin in antioxidants and offer broad-spectrum SPF.  CC creams, on the other hand, are color-correcting.  That basically means the product will address issues like redness or sallowness.

Great Kristen, so which should I choose???

Quite honestly, there are minimal differences between these products.  It really depends on the type of coverage you want.  CC creams have a lighter look and feel but they cover more sins.  I just bought the Bobbi Brown version (you can find it online at Nordstrom!) for the bargain price of $44 and truthfully, it evens me out without making me look cakey.  Worth the money.  Yippee, because how often can we say that and mean it?

The CC creams are also known to have more anti-aging benefits and they are targeted warriors so if you have problem areas, a CC cream is definitely going to give you a bigger bang for your buck.  

So there you have it.  Mystery solved.  =)


InStyle Fashion and Beauty Round-Up…My Picks (And Pics)

I FINALLY had a chance to leaf through the current issue of InStyle.  Yes, the one I’ve been staring at for about a week and a half.  And I thought, hey, why not share some of my finds with my friends in cyberspace??

Not sure if I’m going to draw fire over this post since I am uploading pictures of pictures taken by InStyle photographers, but oh well.  If they come after me, that’s a good thing, right?  Means I’ve gotten the attention of some pretty self-important people.

Henri Bendel, Cartier, Nordstrom, Swarovski

Okay, this first pic won’t get me into any trouble because I took it and it’s of my arm candy.  Swarovski, Nordstrom, Henri Bendel and Cartier.  All of my wrist besties.  =)

And it's Gucci for Amy Adams

And it’s Gucci for Amy Adams

First up!  So metallica, Amy!  I love the color of this strapless Gucci.  Not wild about the shoes, but I wouldn’t turn away the dress if it showed up at my door!

Armani Beauty, Rouge D’Armani lipstick in No. 401

Reeeeeeeed HOT!  But not for me.  Everyone says that brunette’s look great in red lipstick and admittedly, a lot do.  Sadly, yours truly is not one of them.  So this will just continue to sit in my makeup bag, unused and unloved.  I can’t even doctor it up – I tried different liners to add more depth to the color and a little gloss.  Not good!  Sorry, Hubby.  I tried…

Ahhh, Aldo.  Definitely a fan.  Love the heel, love the texture, love the electric blue color!  If I could just figure out my size, it would be fantastic!  Am I a 38 or a 39 or a half size?  Never consistent.  Makes online ordering with Aldo extremely frustrating!

Chloe should stick to designing handbags...just saying

Why oh why, Mandy??

Don’t be confused by this pic, folks.  I had to include Mandy, not because I like her dress but because it’s so hideous I had to share!  Chloe should really stick to designing handbags instead of clothes.  LOL

Julien Macdonald is clearly inspired by the allure of Vegas

Julien Macdonald is clearly inspired by the allure of Vegas

I would SO wear this dress.  Abso-posi-tutely!  It’s not even close to being age-appropriate but I’d do it anyway!  And I wouldn’t even have to be in Vegas!  Julien Macdonald, I’m totally a fan!

I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Did I pick well???

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