Unrequited Love…At Three Years-Old?!

My two little boys are obsessed with girls. Cooper is marrying Gracie and George is in love with Juliet.   What the heck is going on here???  They’re 3 and 4!!!! Just as an aside, Lulu is 8 and has yet to utter a sweet word about a boy.  I hear about how rude and yucky andContinue reading “Unrequited Love…At Three Years-Old?!”

“Kent Says There Are Fifty Ways To Win In Denver”

Silly me. Did I REALLY think that once George turned three he was going to magically be potty-bound for life? Um, yes, of course I did. I will pause here for a moment so you can enjoy a few snickers at my expense. It was a nice thought.  So far, we’re three for three.  I constructedContinue reading ““Kent Says There Are Fifty Ways To Win In Denver””

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