Rejection Never Felt So Satisfying

Like all authors seeking validation by gaining acceptance to an exclusive publishing house, I submitted “Unlikely Venture” in hopes of scoring a lucrative contract and promises of making the bestseller lists.  Fortunately, like a Band-Aid being yanked from a wound, two out of the three I submitted to rejected it right away, for a varietyContinue reading “Rejection Never Felt So Satisfying”

It’s All About The Cover…And The Eye Candy On Display

Regardless of the publishing method I ultimately choose for Unlikely Venture, one thing is certain.  I need a cover.  But not just “a cover” – the right cover, the one that will stop potential readers and cause them to click into my virtual world so they can determine if my story is worth their timeContinue reading “It’s All About The Cover…And The Eye Candy On Display”

Finish Novel…Check!

I now have in my inbox… Drumroll please… The final version of Unlikely Venture.  Complete.  Edited.  Formatted.  Ready for…something. That “something” is still TBD.  Still not sure of the next step.  Although I did come up with the other two titles for the series.  =) 1.  Unlikely Venture 2.  Nothing Ventured 3.  Venture Forward !!!Continue reading “Finish Novel…Check!”

Sometimes It’s Good To Take A Few Steps Back Before Moving Forward

My editor recently told me that publishers don’t like the “s” in “towards,” “backwards,” or “forwards.”  Add this to the ever-increasing list of things I didn’t know about writing.  So I thought the title of this post was kind of apropos. It’s come to my attention that the first few posts here sent somewhat ofContinue reading “Sometimes It’s Good To Take A Few Steps Back Before Moving Forward”

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