Just Add A Hint Of Sex To The Title

Okay, so about a week ago I wrote a post about email marketing techniques.  Remember…I said I wanted to figure out a way to get people to actually open my newsletter?  On my big BOOK LAUNCH DAY???

Well, here are the results of my efforts.  Out of 229 recipients, 45.4% opened the email. That is a ROCKING number, folks!!!!  The industry average, according to Mail Chimp, is 16.9%.

This is what I learned.

A sexy title with the promise of something for nothing WORKS!!!!!!  Eye-catching title?  CHECK!

“Steamy Shower Scenes And Swag?  Count Me In!”  – This email just screams to be opened, am I right?

Ahem…also works for blog posts…just saying… =)

Newsletters are a fantastic option for consolidating a lot of information into one communication. Yes, I blog often but not all my email subscribers may follow it so I need to pick out the most important and entertaining sound bytes and craft an intriguing note to catch them up.

Think about the recipient.  Why should they open your email? What’s in it for them? How are you going to make it worth their while? Because if you can’t capture them the first time around, they might not give you another chance to wow them.

Remember, lure readers in and hook them with killer content.  Add something to their lives that they were missing before!  Make them realize what they need to make their lives just a bit better and tell them how they can get their hands on it!

If you can accomplish this, you’ll have huge open percentages too!!!

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