Cool & TAN For The Summer!!!

Is anyone else’s skin thirsty for some vitamin D???? This April-May cloudy-rainy-raw weather is a total downer! I need SUN! And in absence of those ultraviolet rays, I need PRODUCT! Lucky for me, I have St. Tropez to help bridge the gap to our first beach weekend! This mousse is fantabulous! It smells pretty good,Continue reading “Cool & TAN For The Summer!!!”

Run, Trip, Fly, Stumble…And Repeat…Two More Times

As I sit in my writer’s nook (er, kitchen) with a delicious mango martini, I thought I’d indulge you with a tale that might make you think twice before going for an early morning run.  Now, let’s forget about the fact that my body should be all relaxed right now, considering we just returned fromContinue reading “Run, Trip, Fly, Stumble…And Repeat…Two More Times”

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