Cool & TAN For The Summer!!!

Is anyone else’s skin thirsty for some vitamin D???? This April-May cloudy-rainy-raw weather is a total downer! I need SUN! And in absence of those ultraviolet rays, I need PRODUCT! Lucky for me, I have St. Tropez to help bridge the gap to our first beach weekend! This mousse is fantabulous! It smells pretty good,Continue reading “Cool & TAN For The Summer!!!”

Run, Trip, Fly, Stumble…And Repeat…Two More Times

As I sit in my writer’s nook (er, kitchen) with a delicious mango martini, I thought I’d indulge you with a tale that might make you think twice before going for an early morning run. ┬áNow, let’s forget about the fact that my body should be all relaxed right now, considering we just returned fromContinue reading “Run, Trip, Fly, Stumble…And Repeat…Two More Times”

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