Want A Chance To Win A $50 Amazon Gift Card???

Marketing. It’s a word that simultaneously excites me and makes me cringe. Platforms are constantly changing, making it difficult to reach a target market (ahem, Facebook), prospective customers are tuning out more and more because there is a constant glut of information being thrown at them, key performance metrics that trended positive six months agoContinue reading “Want A Chance To Win A $50 Amazon Gift Card???”

How Crafty Are YOU???

Attention all you crafty folks!!! I’ve come up with a brilliant business idea. Let me just preface it by saying yours truly would NEVER be the CEO but I’d absolutely be a return customer!!!!  LOL. Allow me to explain… I have three kids. Do you know what that means?  A heck of a lot ofContinue reading “How Crafty Are YOU???”

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