Want A Chance To Win A $50 Amazon Gift Card???

Marketing. It’s a word that simultaneously excites me and makes me cringe. Platforms are constantly changing, making it difficult to reach a target market (ahem, Facebook), prospective customers are tuning out more and more because there is a constant glut of information being thrown at them, key performance metrics that trended positive six months ago may not mean much now because marketing channels are flooded with content and becoming largely ineffective.

So the question is…with all these obstacles, how can you make your company stand out against the competition?

Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer. But I can tell you that testing the effectiveness of marketing channels is becoming critically important to companies with small budgets and the best way to test is to first get feedback from your potential customers. Hence, the reason why marketing excites me. Valuable feedback yields potential for new ideas and opportunities for innovation. YAY! Right up my alley. =)

Vector Notebook with drawing charts

This leads me to my latest project. I NEED YOUR FEEDBACK!!!!! Why not give you all a shot to win a cool prize for taking the time to take my super-quick book marketing survey???

ONE random winner will win a $50 Amazon gift card and FIVE random winners will get swag packs! The contest will end on April 1 and I’ll announce winners on my Facebook page on April 2.


How Crafty Are YOU???

Attention all you crafty folks!!!

I’ve come up with a brilliant business idea. Let me just preface it by saying yours truly would NEVER be the CEO but I’d absolutely be a return customer!!!!  LOL.

Allow me to explain…

I have three kids. Do you know what that means?  A heck of a lot of SCHOOL PROJECTS…models of solar systems, shoebox dioramas, book jackets, crossword puzzles, etc. etc. etc. The list can go on and on, depending on the teacher.

I digress for a moment because last weekend we were at my nephew’s birthday party and my sister-in-law was making Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle tree ornaments. Super cute, but guess what? She pulled out a glue gun to make them.  Yep. If you’ve got a glue gun, you are serious business.

I don’t have a glue gun…I have dried up Elmer’s tubes, though I prefer the sticks – less mess!

Anyhoo, people like me would gladly pay money for people like my sister-in-law to make my kids’ school crafts!!!!

Imagine a website where you can request a project and customize it according to the teachers’ specifications?  How awesome would that be? I’d pay someone $50 to make me a solar system! It costs more than that to buy all the components I need to build it anyway!

Courtesy of www.thinkcrafts.com

Courtesy of www.thinkcrafts.com

This would save SO many parents SO many headaches.

Like I said, I’d never do it but hopefully someone will run with this one and send me their URL. <WINK, WINK>

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