How Crafty Are YOU???

Attention all you crafty folks!!!

I’ve come up with a brilliant business idea. Let me just preface it by saying yours truly would NEVER be the CEO but I’d absolutely be a return customer!!!!  LOL.

Allow me to explain…

I have three kids. Do you know what that means?  A heck of a lot of SCHOOL PROJECTS…models of solar systems, shoebox dioramas, book jackets, crossword puzzles, etc. etc. etc. The list can go on and on, depending on the teacher.

I digress for a moment because last weekend we were at my nephew’s birthday party and my sister-in-law was making Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle tree ornaments. Super cute, but guess what? She pulled out a glue gun to make them.  Yep. If you’ve got a glue gun, you are serious business.

I don’t have a glue gun…I have dried up Elmer’s tubes, though I prefer the sticks – less mess!

Anyhoo, people like me would gladly pay money for people like my sister-in-law to make my kids’ school crafts!!!!

Imagine a website where you can request a project and customize it according to the teachers’ specifications?  How awesome would that be? I’d pay someone $50 to make me a solar system! It costs more than that to buy all the components I need to build it anyway!

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

This would save SO many parents SO many headaches.

Like I said, I’d never do it but hopefully someone will run with this one and send me their URL. <WINK, WINK>

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