Stressed Out? Don’t Fight It, Embrace It

I’ve been a big ball of stress lately. Wound like a top and spinning out of control. Working on three books, each at different lifecycle stages, plus working full-time and being a mom to my three little ones, a housekeeper and a happy wife…yikes! Hello, DOWNTIME??

Courtesy of www.conceiveeasy.com
Courtesy of http://www.conceiveeasy.com

Strange as it may seem, stress fuels my drive for success in all endeavors. Yes, I may be a little snippy at times…okay, fine a LOT snippy! But at the end of the day, I’m charged to succeed. Fired up to excel. Excited to pursue.

How is that possible?

The stress I’m referring to is called acute stress…the kind that’s fueled by adrenaline. And I’m evidently not alone in my belief that stress can positively contribute to success. Kristin Wehner, whose company, Kinetic Enterprise LLC, helps entrepreneurs leverage their health in business, stated acute stress “provides the immediate resources necessary to think clearly and react quickly. It’s that superhero-esque, eleventh hour focus.”

Courtesy of www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk
Courtesy of http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk

This Kristen agrees wholeheartedly. For me, it helps get multiple jobs done. It narrows my focus and helps me keep organized. I may be a raving you-know-what in the process, but I get stuff done…a heck of a lot of stuff. Being stressed works for me. I’m not saying it works for my husband or my kids, but I’m good with it.

The key is knowing your threshold. Too much acute stress will inevitably become counterproductive. Be aware of your body and mind. Take a breather every now and again to keep the creative juices flowing freely. Schedule “nothing” time for yourself, you know, to recharge the old batteries and all that. I’ve found that I can’t just “turn things off” according to a set schedule. I think…ALL THE TIME. So take a few minutes to let ideas marinate while you “do nothing.”

The correlation between stress and inspiration is an interesting one. I wonder how many more people think and process the way I do.

How do you think and work best? Do you think stress holds you back or makes you more effective?

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