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Odor Eaters…For Your Mouth

The lingering flavor of a Morningstar Griller veggie burger on your tongue…definitely not delicious-smelling. In fact, the scent might well wilt a flower if you open your mouth next to it.

Courtesy of www.pinterest.com
Courtesy of http://www.pinterest.com

So what to do if you’re headed to a party right after scarfing down one of those bad-boys? You’d pull out a stick of peppermint-flavored Orbit gum, of course. Because other than vigorously brushing and flossing your teeth, what are your other options?


But what about the fact that there will be wine at the party? Unfortunately, peppermint mixed with Sauvignon blanc isn’t super-appetizing.

Courtesy of www.killerwineclub.com
Courtesy of http://www.killerwineclub.com

Hence, the light bulb.

A Tic Tac type chewable that neutralizes the odors in your mouth.  It doesn’t have any flavor so you can eliminate all evidence of food and prepare for the next indulgence without making your stomach turn at the prospect.

I love this idea.  Hopefully, one day some chemical engineer will come across the post and figure to how to create the product.

In the meantime, I’ll struggle to enjoy my minty-fresh wine.

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