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On Saturday night, I reached a milestone in my parenting career. I knew the day would come when I would run out of excuses… Lulu hosted her very first sleepover.

This was a monumental event, folks. Lots of prep time and a slight bit of panic on my part since sleepovers are all about the execution – snacks, activities, movies, snacks, games, American Girl dolls, SNACKS.  You get the idea. I wanted to bring my A-game to this soiree. So we went to a fabulous kid-loving dinner at Friendly’s, where I participated in a binge fest filled with hamburgers, chicken fingers and a delicious Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup sundae. I’m still nauseous thinking about it.  But damn, it was GOOD!

Once we got home, I figured they wanted to just do their own thing, right?  Who wants Mom hovering?? So I put on a movie and all five of the kids watched and played together. Then ate again?!?!

But they quickly exhausted all of their entertainment options. They were bored by the movie, bored with their dolls, and bored with their iDevices.   That’s when they came to me. At ten o’clock at night!  I just wanted to do my nails and go to sleep.

“Mom, we’re bored. What should we DO?”

“Lulu, what about…” I rattled off a million and one ideas and the verdict was bore, bored, and BORING!!!!!

What the heck???


The Sleepover Pal!   It’s an interactive app that generates a virtual sleepover companion for your kids. It would have a unique name, face and voice (all customizable). Your kids can craft their pal however they want.

Courtesy of
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Parents can select a scope of activities that they want offered to their kids for the event and the Sleepover Pal will execute!  The same ideas I offered up would be so much more enticing if they came from an app, don’t you think?

The Sleepover Pal can come up with age-appropriate conversation topics, use pop culture references, teach the kids how to play new games, tell jokes, whatever activities that the parent selects!  Parents can enter the names of all the kids so the pal can address everyone directly. Artificial intelligence at it’s best.  It’s freaking BRILLIANT, right???

The Sleepover Pal will be the chief coordinator of the sleepover. All for the bargain price of…..FREE??? Jeez, if this app existed I might have caved a lot sooner… =)

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