I’m GLOWING For The Bargain Price of $4,000!

If you’re lucky enough to find the absolute PERFECT dress, how many of you will wear it until it can probably walk around by itself? Yeah, I know. Me too. =)

But how cool would it be to BUY that fabulous dress and be able to customize the color and pattern through an app, constantly reinventing the look?

Flipping AWESOME concept, right???

The Coolest Fashion Innovations of 2014

CuteCircuit is a super-innovative fashion brand creating amazing technology-inspired and interactive Haute Couture and Ready to Wear designs. You can transition from day-to-night and seriously maximize your closet space…to leave room for more shoes, of course! <wink, wink=””>

Celebs Love CuteCircuit Too!

Nicole Scherzinger and Katy Perry are devoted fans…probably because they’re among the elite who can actually afford the hi-tech couture. The K dress, for example, is priced at about $4,000. But it’s so HAUTE!!!!!!!

Courtesy of www.cutecircuit.com
Courtesy of http://www.cutecircuit.com

How Does The Technology Work??

After the great success of the K-dress, inspired by the gorgeous CuteCircuit couture dress that Katy Perry worn at MET Gala in New York in 2010, CuteCircuit presents a new version with even more LEDs.

Slightly longer than its predecessor, the hand-pleated silk chiffon dress with hundreds of LED lights embedded in the fabric comes in a variety of colors.

The LED lights glow and sparkle in whatever color and pattern you choose. The K Dress has a small snap-in controller that recharges via USB. Just plug it into your computer USB port and charge. The long-life battery is fully charged in about 2 hours and you will be dress to impress all night long.



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